Saturday, September 8, 2012

Changes, Changes

Hello Family!
Well, transfers were this week and I knew that something was going to change because Sister Toala is going home. So, I got a call on Saturday morning asking if I would train a new missionary. So, I am training again! Needless to say, I am nervous about it. I woke up a little early this morning with butterflies in my stomach for all the things ahead. I am also very excited though. There is such a wonderful Spirit that comes with new missionaries and I am glad that I will be able to work with another new sister. I have a meeting today at 2:00 and then I'll find out tonight who my companion is going to be. Sister Fankhauser is also training, so I get to see her today too! :) 
This past week was a really good week. We had 5 new investigators, and one of them came to church this week! He came and went to classes with the youth and said he really liked it! It is pretty amazing because we had come to originally just teach his brother, but then his sister and he also sat in. When we invited them all to church, Victor was the only one who said he'd come. And he did! We look forward to meeting with him and his brother and sister this week.  
We also have been teaching an older man, named Brother Solter. He is one that hates computers, cell phones, and wears his clothes until they have fallen apart. He reminds me of Dad and of Grandpa Schillemat in those aspects. :) I wish you both could meet him and tell him that he needs the gospel in his life. He is stubborn as all get out and just isn't wanting to give up those cigarettes of his, even though he is 81 years old and he knows how much they are hurting him. Dad, if you could send me your testimony of the gospel for this man, that would be great! I think that would really be good for him. Maybe Grandpa too. :)
So last week Peder wrote me and then I shared it with President Smart. This was President Smart's reply to me:
"I like the thought your brother shared with you. I would add to that one additional point. When we are faced with a challenge, as indicated by your brother, we have something to learn. I also think it indicates that God is telling us that it is time for us to grow and expand our capability/capacity/skills/talents/gifts. It is a sign of love from our creator who knows us best, I think, and his masterful hand knows how to stretch us in the most productive (and sometime difficult) way."
Heavenly Father loves us so much, he knows when to stretch us and help us grow. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow so much on my mission. I am thankful for the many challenges that the mission brings because it makes the joys even greater. :) I love being a missionary!
Well, I look forward to hearing from all of you and hope you are happy and well. This is the Lord's work. This is a great work! I love you all and hope you had a HAPPY LABOR DAY!
Love, Sister Gretchen Schillemat
The Senior Sisters, Sister Nelson and George took us out to Denny's as a farewell for Sister Toala. That was our p-day breakfast yesterday. :)

The Mora family that we are teaching! :)

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