How is everyong doing? This week was good, other than it being really hot, but such is life! It was over 100 almost every day, but I am sure it was nothing like Poul went through, so I can handle it. :)
Well, we had three investigators at church, which was an improvement. We taught Jina and Seth this past week and it was really good to see them. We haven't been able to teach them a lot recently because of some trials that they have been going through, but they are still in good spirits and were able to come to church. Jina requested a blessing as well, which was really great!
Dorothy is preparing to be baptized on August 26th, which is very exciting! We are excited for her. She has been to church the past two weeks, and we are meeting with her tomorrow with a member that lives close by. Pray for her please! :)
The Family we met last week didn't make it to church, but we have it set up for the Williams to come with us to the lesson tomorrow night. We have been thinking about how the Williams will be great for them, so we are pretty excited. We are hoping that they family will be more receptive to coming to church if they know there will be other people waiting for them other than the missionaries. Pray for them too!
So crazy thing happened yesterday at church. We had just finished Gospel Principles class and I was talking with Jina. We were already in the RS room just waiting for class, and a woman walks in. She looked really familiar to me and I was almost positive she used to be in the Keene ward a while back. Well, I wasn't positive but Sister Toala went and talked to her. Then she said to Sister Toala, "Your companion looks really familiar." Well, it turns out that she was in our ward! Crazy, crazy! She has been in Southern California for awhile now and she is checking out the mid-singles program in the Arlington Ward. So she may be in this ward now! Small world...
Yesterday I was reading in 1 Nephi 17 and I really loved this chapter. I love Nephi's example of obedience. He is exactly obedient in every way. I first love when the Lord commands if to build a ship and instead of saying, "Why?" Nephi responds, "Where do I go to get some ore?" He knows that the Lord will provide a way for him to accomplish the things he commands, even if it is building a boat. Are we like that?
Second I really liked when the Lord says he "will prepare a way" for us. If we are righteous, that is true for all of us. He will prepare a way for us in our life. He prepared a way for me to serve a mission and becuase I followed His will, he will prepare a way for me after the mission. Again it is all dependent on our faithfulness, but he will always prepare a way for us to succeed!
I loved this chapter and I invite you all to read that chapter. Will you read 1 Nephi 17? ;)
Congratulations on Vicky's baptism! Very exciting!
So, when is Old Home Day? Has it happened yet?
Mom, it sounds like Girls' Camp was great! The Nashua Stake has been spoiled by general authorities and by church leaders lately! That is amazing that you were able to meet Sister Dalton! Geoff and Dad went to a fireside with an apostle recently, didn't he?
Well, it was great to hear from you all! Love you! The Church is true! And I love you!
Sister Gretchen Schillemat