Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A week of miracles again!


It is always such a treat to hear from you and I look forward to emailing you every week. I am sorry that I have been soo bad at getting hand-written letters out! Andrea and Roland, I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! (a little late...)

So first off, the miracle of the morning. Sister Fia and I prayed this morning and have been praying for the past couple of days that we would be able to find a family to teach. About a half an hour after we prayed this morning to begin our companionship studies, we received a referral on our phone for a family that another set of missionaries had taught. Then we received a phone call from one of the senior sisters that went to the lesson. She said that the family was prepared and receptive to the Gospel. We are so excited and grateful for the answer to this prayer. I know without a doubt that the Lord hears and answers our prayers. I know that no matter how small it is, that if we pray, the Lord will bless us with an answer. It may not be when we expect, but he will hear and answer our prayers. :) I will keep you updated on this family! 

We also taught another girl last night named Hannah, who were are super excited about. She is dating a member of our ward and has come to Church a couple of times already. The Spirit was wonderful at the lesson last night and although she didn't accept the date for baptism yet, we know that Lord will hear and answer her prayers and she will be ready for that date if she reads and prays. We have another lesson with her tomorrow and we are really excited to be teaching her. 

Randy was confirmed this Sunday, which was wonderful! Then an 8 year old, Zach, who we taught was baptized. :) It was such a great baptism. We also had another Part-Member Family come to the baptism and they all enjoyed it. We are excited for their family as well. 

The work is truly moving along in this area. I know that the Lord is hearing and answering my prayers every day. I know that He is aware of my desires and as we are obedient, we are blessed with our righteous desires. This is a great work. 

I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week! 

Sister Schillemat
This is Ollie, a recent convert. She reminds me soo much of Grandma Haehnel and she even calls us her granddaughters. :) 

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  1. Its so bless to have a person like her and hope that kind of attitude she show us it will be a lesson to be follow.

    Thanks for sharing I enjoy reading this. God Bless!
    TFI thefamilyinternational