Monday, January 14, 2013

Randy got baptized!

This week was really great, but like Peder we too had a lot of cancellations. But all is well! Randy was baptized! Randy was just wonderful and it was a great baptism. He said two days before his baptism, "It had abeen coming for a long time, but the time wasn't right." Now was the time for Randy. He had just been beaming over the last week. Sunday came and he stayed for all three hours, which was wonderful! We were so excited to have him there. Then he came back to the church for his baptism at 4:00. He said that he was so nervous that he couldn't button his shirt at home. We assured him all would be well. :)
The baptism went really smoothly, except for Randy hitting his head to pull the plug to the font. He came back from changing with a bandaid on the cut from the hit. But Randy is tough and it didn't really phase him.
The Spirit was wonderful as we closed with "How Great Thou Art." It was a wonderful baptism. :)
The picture is: Me, Sister Fia, Randy, and Brother Hernandez from our ward. Brother Hernandez and Randy went to high school together over 40 years ago. Very cool!
We also moved out of our apartment today into a homeshare. We are soo excited! We are staying with a wonderful woman in our ward boundaries and are excited to be in a home. Our apartment wasn't too "homey", so this is an improvement. :) We are really excited to be there!
The work is moving along. We had two part-member family come to church on Sunday for the first time! It was wonderful! We were so glad to see them all there. We also had another mini-missionary with us this week. Sister Castro was wonderful. She had an amazing Spirit and Spanish is her first language so she helped us out a lot! We were able to talk to a lot of people and be much more effective. Wonderful week. But a lot of appointments seemed to fall through. But such as missionary work. It seems like we have one good week and then a harder one, but I know if we are just doing our best, the Lord is pleased. I just keep trying to work hard and do all I can. Sometimes it is hard, but then I remember this is the Lord's time, not mine. This is where he wants me to be. This is his work and I must do my best.
I love being a missionary. I am so thankful! I love you all and know this is the Lord's work! Have a wonderful, safe week! Love you!
Sister Gretchen Schillemat

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