Monday, January 7, 2013

A Good Start to the New Year

This week was escpecially wonderful! We had a lot of great lessons and we worked hard and saw miracles.
This past week was one of the best weeks that we have had and one of the fastest as well. We had Sister Morris, a mini-missionary, with us and it was a wonderful opportunity for us to go out and get more contacts and make more visits.
Randy, who is on date for this Sunday, January 13th, is just doing so well. We saw him nearly every day and had amazing visits with him. We fasted with him on Sunday for him to stop drinking coffee. As we started our fast with him on Saturday night he was glowing. You could see the Light of Christ radiating from him. We started our fast and he was just so happy. We told him that for baptism, he needs to not drink any coffee for the week before his baptism (and after). After we said that, he replied, "Well, I guess I just drank my last cup today."
Then he came to church and it was fast and testimony meeting. He really enjoyed it. When we came to end our fast with him after church, he said that he felt like one lady who bore her testimony. She said when she met the missionaries, she wanted to be baptized right away. Randy said that is what he felt like. He wanted to be baptized today! It has been truly amazing to see the Spirit work in Randy. He has truly changed through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know also that when it is the Lord's time, all will work out. Randy has been taught for years, but this was his time and the Lord's time.
Randy is certainly my ultimate highlight for the week.
But we just had a really good week. We taught the most lessons since we been in Jurupa, which was great since it was the holiday. We also had some really great lessons. We are teaching another guy named Jonathan. He was also taught in the past, but next was baptized. He is 21 years old and is really striving to follow Jesus Christ. We had three lessons with him last week. Two of them were with members, which was great. The second lesson was with a recent convert, who comes from the exact same background as Jonathan, so it was perfect. The third lesson was with a pre-missionary and a return missionary of about 3 weeks, which was also great because they were the same age. I have a strong testimony of the importance of members, They truly are the way to see investigators progress towards baptism.
Our New years eve was full of activities because we couldn't proselyte that evening. We hiked Mt. Rubidoux in the morning (Thats my fourth time...), went out to lunch as a zone, and then played volleyball that night. It was fun, but I really like proselyting. It was almost too much for me. haha I can only hang out for so long. I was exhausted by the end of the day and ready to get back to normal. I loved the holidays, but as a missionary, I am ready for the normal schedule again. :)
I truly love this work. It has been wonderful to see miracles and see the Lord's hand in this work. I am excited for this upcoming transfer. Sister Fia and I aren't going anywhere! :) Nearly every companionship (except Sister Fia and I and one other) are getting changed this transfer. We are excited for all the work here!
Well, I love you all soo much! This is going to be a great year! I am so thankful to be serving here and to have the opportunity to serve the Lord. This is the true Church! I know it. :)
Love you!
Sister Gretchen Schillemat

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