Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wow, what a great week!

Hello Family!

We have had some couple of crazy days including today! Sorry for the late email. With Veterans' Day, we didn't email until today and with a crazy afternoon, we didn't get to the library until after 4:30. What a great thing to be busy though!
So first off, we had the baptism of the boys! They are so wonderful and the baptism went well! We had many of the ward members there, which is such a wonderful part of the baptisms here in Riverside. I just love how supportive the ward is. All the boys were excited to be baptized and a little scared, but it went well. Damarrius, the older, is kind of scared of water. He went first and he looked nervous, so Sister Gilmer and I were saying silent prayers while he was getting baptized. But it went well and his two younger twin brothers followed right after. It was a wonderful Spirit. Their great uncle, who is a member, bore his testimony and told about their younger brother Donovan, who is 7. Donovan asked, "Uncle Sherman, am I going to recognize them after they are baptized?" Uncle Sherman replied, "Of course!" Brother Sherman White had told the boys that they would be different and new people after they were baptized and Donovan thought they would look different as well. :) It was so cute to hear about Donovan's questions. He will be 8 in February, so we are excited for him to be baptized as well!
We also had an investigator, Louis, at the baptism of the boys. We had invited him to be baptized, and he siad he would have to pray about it. But we also invited him to come to the baptism for the boys. He really enjoyed the Spirit there. He also went to the Veteran's program that our ward did that evening. We didn't go, but Louis told someone that he felt like he was home while he was there with the ward. Louis is a Veteran, so he was also recognized along with others with the ward. We are meeting with Louis tomorrow and are excited for that!
Victor, who was baptized last month, passed the sacrament for the first time this Sunday. It was great to see him use the Priesthood. He will probably bless the sacrament next week, I imagine. He is only two months older than you, Geoff. :)
Last week we had a wonderful multi-zone with a new approach for finding. It is about using our sacred calling as missionaries and representatives of Jesus Christ to bless (in the form of a prayer for us sisters, but using the Priesthood for Elders) others' homes. It has been really amazing to see then miracles that come from it and we are excited to see the success that comes from this in the future! 
Things are just going really well here in Riverside! I love this work and love being a missionary. I know that the Lord is preparing many to hear this great message and we have to just open our mouths! I am so glad to be a part of this great work. I love it! :) 
Here are messages for you all:
Mom, Kaysville? That is where Christa Schank is from (The girl who stayed with us during Sarah's wedding). That's cool! Christa's family has six kids too... :) I would definitaly know if it were her family though. :) Very cool pictures as well!
Dad, How hsa work been? I haven't heard from you lately. I love you!
Kirstin, How is the semester going? How's Jimmy and Lucy?
Poul, How is work? Are you in school right now?
Andrea, I loved those pictures you sent! You all look so good!
Jo, Are you excited for Thanksgiving break? Are you coming home?
Peder, Keep working hard and being great! I love you!
Geoff, Congratulations on contacts! They are a life saver. :) How is everything going with school?
I love you all so much! I pray for you often and just love you with all my heart. Being on a missionary and being away for so long, makes me more grateful for you all! 
Love you lots! The Church is true!
Sister Gretchen Schillemat 
Picture: Deiontae, Darian, Uncle Sherman, Damarrius, and Donovan at the baptism!

 Me with Elder and Sister Haygood! They are the senior couple in our ward. Sister Haygood had to go home for surgery, so this was the day they were driving home last week. I love them!

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