Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The only constant is Change!

First off, it was so good to hear from all of you!
Kirstin, that is exciting that you are teaching temple prep. The temple is such a wonderful blessing and I am so thankful for it. I get to go to the temple next week. :)
Poul, it is good to finally hear from you Brother! I hope all is going well at home!
Mom, When is Jacob getting married? Is that soon?
Dad, Good to hear from you! How is Great-Grandma? I sent her a card, so I hope she is doing well. :)
Peder, Always good to hear from my missionary brother. You are such a great example! :)
So, another change happened just last night (and today). We got a call last night that Sister Toala is coming back to Riverside and is now Sister Jones' companion. Sister Fankhauser and I are still companions too. So we were a trio for just 3 short weeks and it is back to two. What is really crazy is that when Sister Toala left, Sister Jones and I had to merge two companionships into one. Now we are back to two companionships, so we won't be as busy. (Which isn't my favorite) But we know this is what the Lord wants and that the work will get busier. This way we will be able to find more investigators to teach and the Arlington Ward will get bigger and bigger! It is going to be different without Sister Jones :(, but again this is what the Lord wants. I am reminded every day how much this is Heavenly Father's work, not ours. He is directing this work, and He has a plan.
So we had a really great week! Maddie is all ready for her baptismal interview on Saturday and then baptism on Sunday of next weekend. We are all very excited! We also had some wonderful lessons with Susan, another investigator, who is preparing to be baptized on July 21st. :)
This week one of our investigators who has been taught for almost 16 years, asked for a priesthood blessing, which is a miracle. His wife was sick and received a blessing and right after she received a blessing, he asked for one as well. We are praying that he will soon be baptized, so that he and his wife can progress. We'll pray hard. :)
Miracle of the week for me.
We had been really struggling getting our OYMs for the week. By Wednesday, we only had 29 OYMs and we were far below our goal. That night as I prayed, I asked Heavenly Father to help us reach our goals of talking to people. As I prayed, I promised that I would talk to everyone that passed and the Spirit told me that He would provide people to talk to if I did my part. So, that day, I knew that I needed to talk to EVERYONE. I thought I was pretty good at that, but sometimes in the parking lots, etc., I let people pass if they are "too far" away. So that day, I knew that Heavenly Father would provide people for us to talk to, depending on if we talked to everyone that passed by or we could see. And guess what? We had 58 OYMs that day! And were over on our goal!
It was a testimony to me of an answer to prayer and that we need to do all we can on our part to be blessed. I knew that if I just asked Heavenly Father to give us 50 people to talk to without giving it our best effort, that is was unlikely to happen. As we talked to EVERYONE that day, miracles happened. :) I am so grateful for prayer and the Spirit.
Another miracle this week was after many of our appointments cancelled on Wednesday, we went to a potential investigators' house and had a lesson. He accepted a baptismal date as well. Heavenly Father knew that we needed to meet with him that day and if our other lessons had gone through, we wouldn't have been there.
Overall, it was a great week. :) I am happy! And all is well. I love this work sooo much!
Fourth of July is this week! Happy Fourth of July!
Not much else to report! California is hot, but great!
Love you much, Sister Gretchen Schillemat
                        The Sister Missionaries in Riverside
                                                  Early morning study time
Bowling with her companions.

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