Friday, July 13, 2012

Another week, another baptism!

Hello Family!
How are you doing this week? How is everything going?
I was thinking yesterday about how the missionary work is going in Keene. Have there been any baptisms there recently? Are there investigators coming to church?
This past week was good! We had little Maddie's baptism yesterdya and it was great! There was a very strong Spirit there. Maddie was crying, along with many others in the room. The four sister missionaries serving in Arlington Ward right now sang, "When I am baptized." This is the 3rd baptism that I have sung that song. That is a record! :) Maddie's dad bore his testimony of the gospel, which was wonderful and it was just a special day. :)
A random miracle yesterday: We got a contact from the Spanish Elders in our ward for a guy named Marcus. The other sisters checked the address and came home and said that it didn't exist. Then we decided to call the phone number that came with it. Well, again it was not Marcus. He gave all fake information (Which happens...), but a guy named Martin answered the phone. We explained who we were and he was really confused because he had not talked to any guys on bikes in white shirt and ties, but then we asked if he wanted to hear more. And he said yes! We got his information and now there are missionaries going to his home! Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways! We received incorrect information and because of it, we have contacted another person who is interested. Very cool!
At the beginning of this week, Sister Fankhauser and I taught an 80 year old lady. I have been teaching her since I have been in Riverside. The first time I met her I talked about baptism (because that is what we are supposed to do...) and she said she was feeling too pressured. So, we backed off on baptism for awhile. But this last week, Sister Fankhauser beautifully invited her to be baptized for August 19th and she accepted! This is huge! She feels like she doesn't know enough, but we know that she can be ready. :)
We invited another man to be baptized on August 12th and he accepted as well! :)
We also taught a member's son, named Vic. He says he's very skeptical, but slowly and surely, he is becoming more open. The first lesson, he would not commit to pray, but this last week, he said he would CONSIDER praying. That is a HUGE step! We are getting there... :) He is very kind and we can see that he is opening up more and more to the gospel. He has a wonderful mother and sister who are great examples to him. We shall see...
I don't want to forget, so
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN! (His is late, but tell him that I say Happy Birthday)
I hope you all have wonderful birthdays! Celebrate! :)
How was everyone's fourth of July? We had a fun ward breakfast in the morning with some baseball that I happened to join in on (yes, in a skirt). :) It was with most of the primary kids though and a couple of adults. Great fun! Then, we didn't have a lot of teaching appointments, so we taught two homeless people outside the library. It worked out great! And they were very open to the message! :) We had a BBQ dinner with a family in the ward and then played volleyball that evening with many missionaries. It was a good day. :)
Things are going well! We are pretty much in a 4 person companionship right now, so I love all my companions! I love being a missionary. This work is so great! I know this Church is true! I know that Jesus Christ lives and He loves us! I know that the Book of Mormon is true and I love reading it! Joseph Smith is the prophet of the Restoration.
I love you all so much! Thanks for wanting to be with me for eternity!
Sister Gretchen Schillemat

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