Sunday, July 29, 2012

Still in Riverside after transfers

Hello Family!
Well, we had transfer calls this past Saturday and I am still not going anywhere. :) The changes are: Sister Jones is going home tomorrow and Sister Fankhauser is being transferred to Moreno Valley. So I am companions with Sister Toala again! :) My time in Riverside has gone full circle with companions. :) I started with Sister Toala, then Sister Jones, then add in Sister Fankhauser, and back to Sister Toala. haha It will be a good transfer! We have a lot of good things happening here and I am excited to be staying. This is Sister Toala's last transfer, so we will make it a great one! :) (Every transfer is a good one!) Time sure is flying by quickly. I feel like Sister Fankhauser just got here and she is already leaving! I am sad about her leaving, but I know that Sister Toala is meant to stay here and finish up her mission here. And I will be able to learn some Samoan! Sister Toala is great!
Thanks for all the emails this week! It was so good to hear from all of you! I hope Roland is recovering well and Liam isn't jumping into too many pools without his floaties. :) I hope Dad is feeling better as well. You are all in my prayers every day. I love you so much!
So, this past week was a great week! Between the two companionships in Arlington Ward, we had 14 member-present lessons, which was the most we have ever had. It was really great to see. We all spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday as well. TWICE. We spoke in the Arlington Ward and then in the Deaf Branch as well. Our topic was on Family History because of Pioneer Day tomorrow. All of us were really scared to have that as our topic, but it went well. I feel very inadequate to speak on that topic, but it was great for me to study more on it. The second time I gave the talk, it went much better than the first time, so that was good as well.
One quotation I really like is: "Family History is not about completing your family tree, it is about finding your family." Our ancestors are individuals who need our help!
Before I forget, Happy Birthday to Grandma, Poul, and Andrea! Happy Anniversary (next week) Mom and Dad! Happy Birthday to the many others who had or will have birthdays as well!
I am grateful for my opportunity to be a missionary. I love serving a mission and it brings so much joy into my life. I have been so happy and I know it is because I am doing what the Lord would have me do. I know that Book of Mormon is truth and it is the words of God. It beings so much peace into my life. It is often the first thing I read in study because I don't want to run out of personal study time and have not read the Book of Mormon. I love the gospel! I know that Jesus Christ performed the Atonement for us because he loves us. He knows us individually and is aware of our struggles. He has felt our pain. 
I love life! Heavenly Father is so good to me. :) 
I hope and pray all is going well with you all! Love you!
Sister Gretchen Schillemat 

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