Monday, June 25, 2012

A Great Week in Riverside

Hello Family!
What a wonderful week it has been! I just love being here and I am so thankful for the privilege it is to be a missionary!
First off, Mikey and Kody both passed the sacrament in church yesterday, which was so wonderful! They both did great and were comfortable up there!  (Mom: Amanda, the mom and wife, should be sending you some pictures soon from her camera. They are from Katelynn's birthday party and some of her funny cat that I thought you and Poul and the family would enjoy. :) )
I love seeing people grow in the gospel and this family certainly is! Amanda came on splits with us this past week as well and she bore testimony to a less-active woman. Amanda was perfect because she had gone through many of the same experiences. Mikey also gave the FHE for the first time last week. It was really cool because he started off by saying, "So, I picked this more for the kids than for anyone else." And he taught about the Sabbath Day. That is the way FHE is supposed to be. You pick a topic that you feel your family needs and that is exactly what Mikey did! Beautiful! :)
Then wonderful news! I was able to go back for a baptism in Highland for Nicholas, Savannah's older brother. Savannah was baptized in December when I was there and I grew close to their family. Nicholas and the family have been having some hard times, but because of it, Nicholas was humbled enough to be baptized! He looked like a different boy when I saw him. It was so wonderful to be there and see him enter the waters of baptism. Their whole family are now members of the Church. It is truly a miracle for me to see! I love this gospel!
We had a great week for teaching. We were able to teach 25 lessons total, which was the most for this area. We did a lot of splits, which is a huge perk of being in a trio. We taught Maddie yesterday and she is excited about her baptism! We also taught a couple, who are on date for baptism at the beginning of August. They all came to church as well and another man we are teaching, whose wife is a member. (I think I told you about him...) We were able to reach a lot of our goals, which was wonderful!
Something that I have learned from Sister Jones is how we can attain goals. SIster Jones is so good at making and keeping goals. She has helped me be so much better. For most of my life, I feel like I would make some goals that were not very attainable, like reading Jesus The Christ before my mission and several others. I would always fail. But Sister Jones has taught me that if you plan it out and set aside time and be dedicated, you can attain your goals! Last week I made the goal to finish Numbers in the Bible (I really want to read the whole Bible through during my mission) and I made it! I just had to read it during lunch and other times. I finished it this morning, and it felt so good! Because of Sister Jones, I have really learned the value of making attainable, but challenging goals. I am so thankful for her teaching and showing me by example.
Another thing that I am so thankful for it how happy I am as a missionary! I just love to be with people and serve. There has never been a happier time (I am pretty sure) in my life. I am so thankful that we are able to have fun as we work as well. Sister Fankhauser is a hoot and Sister Jones and I just love laughing, so it has been truly wonderful. But what is even more wonderful is that we work hard and accomplish what the Lord wants and have fun together. I know that missionary work can be frustrating, but it is all about the attitude that we have!
Thank you all for your prayers and support!
I am so thankful for this blessing of being a missionary!
And I love you all!
 I love this sign--wish I had one.
Nicholas's baptism.   

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