Monday, June 11, 2012

A week of Inspiration and Joy

Oh what a glorious week that Sister Jones and I had! Obviously there are always some rough patches, but we ended on a VERY good note!
So let me tell you! KODY AND MIKEY WERE BAPTIZED! Kody has been on date for baptism for probably 3 or 4 weeks by now, but Mike would never commit to a date. We kept telling him that he is prepared and is showing so much faith, but we didn't feel like he could commit. So...we told him that he can do the baptismal interview and see how it goes and then be baptized in the next couple of weeks. So on Thursday, when Kody had his interview, we asked Mikey if he wanted his as well and he say yeah, sure! They both passed with flying colors! (Well, maybe...they both passed with no problems, so that is flying colors to me!) They both were very nervous, but it was all good!
Then we had a lesson on Saturday night with the Wileys in the ward. Brother Wiley was baptizing Kody the following day, so we just went over the baptism and made sure Kody felt prepared. At that point, we kept asking Mikey if he wanted to be baptized and he said not yet... We told him since he was interviewed that he could still decide the next day if he wanted to be.
So we had a great lesson and then we go home and we get a text from Amanda, his wife. "Are you still awake? Call me when you can." We call and find out Mikey has wanted to be baptized all along, but he has one predicament. He does a bowling league that only plays on Sundays. It doesn't get over until September. We had a twenty minute discussion with him and Amanda, both of us on speaker phone. He had two options really and we asked him deep down what he really wanted to do or rather what he needed to do. And his reply, "I think I should quit bowling." You should have seen us. We were SO excited! That is an understatement. But anyway, we got off the phone and he still hadn't told us for sure, but our hopes were quite high. :)
Then they show up to church and he says he is going to be baptized! Sister Jones had felt like that was going to happen all along! She had so much faith! :)
They announced it in church and we had a wonderful baptism with many of the ward members there! It was amazing! Let me tell you a story from the baptismal talk.
Sister Crumley, who is Amanda's aunt, gave the talk and she shared this experience with us about the Holy Ghost.
She was heading out to Ensign Book to pick up a new set of scriptures for Kody's baptism. As she was about to leave, she had the impression to go to her room to get a brand new set and bring it as well. The Holy Ghost was telling her that she needed two. At that point, she knew as well that Mikey was getting baptized! The Spirit is amazing! Heavenly Father knew that Mikey was going to be ready!
It was a wondeful baptism and it completed their family! Now their goal is the temple next year! They have all grown so much and great blessings are in store!
Also, after the baptism, we found out that 9 year old Maddie, who was there, wants to also be baptized! She has to ask her mom and get permission, but she wants to be! That is a huge step for her. Tom, her father, said that if she gets permission, then we can start setting it up for her to be baptized. :)
My joy was overflowing last night! It was a beautiful day in Southern California! Bishop McGee, over the Arlington Ward, said that I was smiling so big during the baptism that my face would be tired later. :)
There is a quotation that I want to paraphrase:
Missionary [noun]
Someone who leaves their family for a short times,
so others can be either theirs for eternity.
That is what it felt like last night. I am here on a mission for such a short amount of time and away from you all for such a short time, but I am helping others be together forever. Isn't that beautiful?
Life is so good! We also had transfer calls this past weekend and guess what?! I am not moving and neither is Sister Jones! BUT we are getting another companion! I will be in another trio. :) Sister Fankhauser (I hope I spelled it right) will be joining us within the next hour or so! We are very excited and know that this will help the work continue to move forward in Riverside!
I love this gospel! I love being a missionary! The joy is so great! I know this Church is true. The Book of Mormon is true and it does change lives. I know it! I know that Jesus Christ lives and he loves us so much! I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers.
This is a great work!
I haven't done this is awhile,
Dad-HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! You are amazing Papa! Thanks for being the best! How have you been doing? I hope that all is well in Keene ward! It is always great to hear from the High Priests!
Mom- I want to go canoeing in the wetlands when I get home. That sounds like so much fun! Hope this week isn't so busy for you!
Kirstin, Jimmy, and Lucy- How is the work going? How is little Lucy? Kirstin, will you run around the lake for me? I miss it. :) 
Poul- Where are you brother? I haven't heard from you lately! How is everything going?
Andrea, Roland, Liam, and Landon- Hope Landon feels better soon! You can do it Ange! Run a marathon for me! :)
Jo- How is work for you? What are your summer plans?
Peder- I love you brother! I love you so much! Yay for missionary work!
Geoff- What are your summer plans? How were finals? I can't believe you are going to be a SENIOR! Where did the time go?
I love you all! You are so wonderful and I am so glad that I will be with you all for eternity! There is no greater gift!
Sister Gretchen Schillemat
ps.By the way, Peder, I am hitting my 9 month mark this week! Half way done? How could that be?

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