Friday, March 8, 2013

Miracles in Jurupa

This past week was wonderful and we saw miracles happen! First of all, we had a baptism yesterday for Amy! She is the most solid investigator that I have taught. We met with her three times last week and she was just so ready for her baptism. We only met her about 3 and a half weeks ago..I think...maybe a little more, but she was just great from the start. Her baptism was wonderful and her mom said a beautiful prayer at the end. Her mom is coming back to church after being less-active for a long time, so it was just wonderful. Amy was about to have both her grandmother and grandfather on her mom"s side there. It was a wonderful day!
Then we had a miracle happen! We have been fasting and praying for new investigators because our teaching pool is pretty slim right now. Well, yesterday we were leaving Gospel Principles and a member asked if we were free that night. We said yes, and we went to teach her boyfriend that evening. He had already come to church with her twice and started reading the Book of Mormon. We taught home part of the Restoration and left him with 3 Nephi 11 to read. He has been Muslim for the past 4 years, so teaching about Jesus Christ and who he is, is going to be a focus for the next couple of lessons. We invited him to be baptized on Easter Sunday and he said, "Yeah, I think that would be good." :) He is ready and really is eager to learn. We are excited for him and meet with him again tomorrow. He was an answer to our prayers for new investigators. We are so excited to keep teaching him.
Peder, Congratulations on your baptism! You are so happy and I do love it!
Well, thank you for all the Birthday wishes! It was a great birthday. The Chandler family fed us on Tuesday and threw a birthday party for me! It was with decorations and cake and ice cream... :) Then on Thursday we had some ice cream cake for my birthday. Overall it was wonderful and I loved your card Mom! Thank you! I have received wonderful letters over the past week, so thank you everyone! :) I can't believe how old I am...23?! ;) Time is going tooo fast!
Well, I love you all soooo much and this is the Lord's work. We have another baptism for this Sunday for Hilda and her son Izaiah! We are so excited for this family. Omar, the father and husband, is baptizing them both, so we are so excited! :) I know that this family is going to one day be sealed in the Temple of the Lord. More pictures to come next week! 
I love this work and am so happy to be here! I know that missionary work is directed by the Lord's work and he is aware of all of us! Danielle, keep being strong. Baptism is the gate to so many blessings from the Lord. :) 
Have a wonderful week! Love you!
Sister Schillemat
picture of the baptism!   

Gretchen's Birthday Cake.

This is me and Israel, who were birthday buddies! He turned 6 on the 28th. His mom Hilda and his brother Izaiah are getting baptized this upcoming Sunday. :)

What's wrong with this picture.  It took Gretchen and her companion a couple of  days to see it.  

I don't know where they got the snakes but isn't this cool? !     

Amy's Baptism

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