Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Week In Riverside

Hello Family!

Happy Easter! :) How was your Easter? Maybe that's why I didn't hear
from anyone because you were busy, but how was it?
I went to a Easter party on Saturday that a member was having. She
told us to invite a non-member family, so we invited these two twin
boys we are teaching! They are so great! The party was quite fun as
well. :) Everyone had fun and there was lots of great food, a blow up
jumper, a bunny-hop, and an egg hunt. Sadly, we couldn't stay too
long, but we hear that the festivities were quite fun.

Did you hear about the Church's facebook campaign for Easter? The
church was doing a campaign where everyone posts their testimony of
Jesus Christ. We didn't get to see too much about it or see it because
it was on facebook, but I am wondering if you encountered it. Let me
know! :)

This past week went really well! We had another mini-missionary,
Sister Dickerman, who is preparing for her mission! She was great and
we loved having her with us! We were so blessed to have another
companion for a week, full of new insights! We loved her very much and
she said she received her answer that she needed to serve a mission,
so that is great!
It was actually really funny because we had one day where EVERYTHING
fell through. (A couple things didn't, but a lot of them did!) It
turned out that we still got a couple of lessons, but it was just a
frustratin day. The next mornign as we were exercising, we asked
SIster Dickerman what her favorite part of the week was and she said
when everything fell through because she saw the Lord's hand most in
the work. She saw how we were able to meet and teach other people that
we didn't plan because of everything falling through. She was just
great! We were so glad to have her optimism, and she truly helped us
see even more of the miracles. :)

So I was reading in Preach My Gospel this past week and it said to ask
your family about a specific commandment that they have kept and been
blessed. I wanted to ask you! With either tithing, word of wisdom,
fasting, etc, how have you been blessed? That would be great to hear
from you! :)

We are teaching this amazing family, the Simontons! We taught them
twice last week and they are just wonderful. The second lesson we
taught the Plan of Salvation and while we asked all of them what they
thought of when they heard Jesus Christ's name. It was a really
special moment because they all shared their testimonies of the
Savior. It started with 10 year old Matthew who said, "I think of
someone I can always count on when I feel alone." Then Joseph and
Jack, two other sons answered. Then Brother Simonton said, "He is like
a beacon of light that will always give us direction," and Sister
Simonton,"Jesus Christ was my first love." It was a really powerful
moment for us and we hope for the family. They are just wonderful and
we are excited to continue teaching them. :)
They have two twin girls that turn 1 year old today! Sister Simonton
wanted me to ask you Mom, when it gets easier with twins. Does it
ever? ;)

I just want to end with my testimony of the Savior. I know that Jesus
Christ lives. I know that the Atonement is real and that it truly
heals us spiritually and physically. I know that Jesus Christ
literally saved us from death, and allowed us to return to live with
Heavenly Father again. I am thankful that I can always call on my
Savior. I, like Matthew, know that "he is someone that I can count on
whenever I feel alone." This is His Church. Missionary work is His
work. He is the source of truth and light that helps others change. I
love Him!
And I love you! Have a great week! You're in my prayers!
Sister Gretchen Schillemat

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