Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Christmas Time--And we get to Skype with Gretchen!

I want to attach some pictures before I forget!
The first one is the Christmas Tree that the YSA sent me! It is so cute. :) I loved it and we moved it from my room to the main room, so that everyone could put theit presents underneath it.
The next picture is a GREENIE picture. The Smarts, a family in the ward, found out that Sister Jones and I are both greenies (I am almost not one anymore) and decided to make us a greenie dinner. There was chicken alfredo dyed green and mashed potatoes as well. Plus greenie goodie bags! It was a lot of fun! :)
The last two are pictures we took of the Christmas tree when it was in our room. And we all had curly hair that day, so we had to document that. ;) I hope you enjoy!
Before I forget, I NEED PEDER'S ADDRESS! I wanted him to send it to be before he left, but I never got it! How am I supposed to send him a Christmas card if I don't have his address? hahahs
Next, Skyping! I will be able to skype for 30-40 minutes on Sunday. We have set it up for the afternoon because we have church at 11:00 that morning and I don't think we could do it before then (Sorry Kirstin and Jimmy!). We are going to the Zuniga's house at 2:00 that day. So since we are 3 hours behind you, that will be around 5:00 that day. I realized that you are probably having a Christmas dinner that day, but I hope that you are doing it earlier. We won't be able to call beforehand, I guess, so I hope this works for you. Sorry. I wish I could just call a couple days before, like they did in the past, but they said we can't. So plan for around 5:00pm YOUR TIME on Sunday. Also, could Poul be logged onto his skype because his name will be easy to find. I don't know if I am going to use my name, or the Zuniga's but either way, I am going to call Poul. Thanks!
Well, back to missionary work! This week was a good week! It has been getting cold, but we have still be out tracting. Answer to Poul's question: we try to tract for about an horu a day, but sometimes that doesn't happen. Sometimes we have 2 hours to tract in a day, but rarely do we get that much time with appointments and all the study that we have. (I don't know if I told you all, but we have lots of study at the beginning of our missions. For the first 2 transfers, while we are training, we have two hours of companion study on top of the hour of personal. So we have at least 3 hours of study every day except planning days and p-days.) Anyway, back to tracting. As we were tracting this week, we were talking to one girl for a while and just as we were about to leave, we heard a voice from the back say, "I have a question." We were invited in a the girl's mom asked us what the different was between Christians and the Latter-day Saints. As we began to explain that we are Christians, and about prophets, we ended up having a lesson with her. We then came back the next day and taught her the whole Restoration lesson. The next appt that we had, she wasn't home, but It was still a cool experience that doesn't happen often from tracting. She didn't come to church this Sunday, but she said she really wanted a good church for her daughters. We are hoping to meet with her again soon.
We had a good last week for Sister Robinette. But it is really hard to have her gone now. I miss her a lot and wish she was still here, but she is home with her family, which is wonderful! Yesterday was pretty stressful because I am now the "oldest" missionary in the companionship. We saw the Smarts on Saturday and Brother Smart asked, "So who is the senior greenie?" It made us laugh, but it was true. There are two greenies together for this week. Plus, I didn't mention that we have a mini-missionary, Sister Pula, from Moreno Valley, CA. She is 16 and very sweet. But we have three very young missionaries. I was just feeling overwhelmed yesterday. I am just hard on myself and things weren't going perfectly, starting with paper getting jammed in the photo copier, to not having someone to lead us (Sister Robinette), but everything worked out just fine. It makes me realize how much I need to remember my Savior, Jesus Christ. I shared a spiritual thought at dinner last night and I feel like it was for me more that anyone else. I read Alma 7:10-13 about the Atonement. The Atonement is real and Jesus Christ suffered for everything that we have gone through. Our pains, afflictions, temptations, and our sins. He went through all my stress, all my overwhelming feelings, and knows how I feel...So I can just depend on him. He is always there for me. I know that the Savior lives. I know that Heavenly Father send his son because he loves us (John 3:16-17). It was a very humbling day, but turned out just fine. I know that I am loved and that this change is when I am going to grow the most. :)
Well, I love you all and missionary work is great! I am so excited to talk with you all and "see" you on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas! I love you! Remember the "reason for the season". :)
Love you,
Sister Schillemat

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