Monday, November 7, 2011

The End of the First Transfer

Can you believe that? I am in the last week of the end of my first transfer! Although 6 weeks isn't very long in the scheme of my whole mission, it still has gone very fast!
This past week was a little more rough than normal. We went from having 21 lessons to 14 lessons. We had a lot cancel on us, but such as life. I think it was Saturday that we had 6 or 7 appointments set up and only 2 went through. It was just another phone call or text after another saying they were cancelling, but it was okay. It makes me appreciate all the times we have lessons go through! :)
So cool experience of the week: (There are a lot of them, but this is the one that I am thinking about right now... :) )
There was a former investigator Connie Smith who we stopped into the other week. We were able to teach her this week and at first she told us that she just wanted to learn, but not convert. We thought, okay that's fine, but we can at least teach her. The Spirit will touch her and we'll see what happens. We began teaching her about the Restoration and it was going well. She had already been taught most of the information because she had met with the missionaries before. We then talked about the example Jesus Christ set for us in 2 Nephi 31. I love verse 5 that says if Jesus Christ needs to be baptized and he is perfect, how much more do we need to be baptized! We shared that with Connie and then invited her to be baptized. Before I was even finished with the invitation, she was nodding her head, yes! It was wonderful! She told us that she had been dating a member before and had felt pressure to join the church, but wanted to do it for herself and not for him. That was the reason she stopped meeting with the missionaries. No that the "guy is out of the picture", she feels good about it. :) Her baptism date is November 27th. :)
Another family we are teaching is Joyce Salazar and her two children Nicholas and Savannah. We have been meeting with them for the past couple of weeks and they are a lot of fun. They LOVE having us over. It is always, "The sisters are here! The sisters are here!" Joyce is a less active member, who really doesn't remember anything about the church. She was baptized when she was a teenager and is now 50 and doesn't remember anything. She has been living in Highland for 10 years and it wasn't until the sisters tracted into her that her records were in the ward! Her son is 12 and Savannah is 10. Savannah is so excited about being baptized! She is set for December 3rd and is just so enthusiatic. We still have a lot to teach, but it is refreshing to see someone so excited to take that step. We are still working on Nicholas. He hasn't quite decided whether he wants to be baptized, but he has been praying, so we hope he will want to soon. :)
One thing that I have noticed since I have been here is how important a smile is. We have people commenting on how much we smile and how happy we look and I know it is because we have the gospel. We know about the great plan of salvation that Heavenly Father has provided for us. This brings so much hope and happiness to me. I know where I am going and what my ultimate goal is. There have been several people tell us that we have a "glow" and I know that is also from the gospel. I don't always understand exactly what that glow is, but I know that I am happy because I am sharing this wonderful message about Jesus Christ. :) I am helping others come unto Christ and find the joy from repentance. So remember to always SMILE and people will notice your glow. :)
Everything is going well out here! There are a lot of fun people out here and I really like the ward. :) I miss you all though. A lot sometimes, but I know that I am supposed to be here. I know that I am meant to be here. I read, "Cast not away therefore your confidence" by Elder Holland recently and I really love that talk. As we put our trust in the revelation or answer from Heavenly Father, we should not fear or flee from the inspiration that we have received. It is a great talk and you all should read it!
Yesterday I was able to bear my testimony in church. It is always so nice to do that! I really love bearing my testimony. I know that it is true that as we share our testimonies, they will grow!
Scripture for the week:
2 Nephi 28:30 "line upon line, precept upon precept...for unto him that receiveth I will give more"
I love this scripture because I know that is how I have learned through out my life. I have been taught since I was very little about the gospel, but I haven't received all the knowledge at once. We are baptized when we are 8 and make certain covenants. We continue to learn, receive our patriarchal blessing, and remain worthy so that we can do baptisms in the temple. Then as we continue to learn precept on precept and keep the commandments and remain pure, we can enter the temple and make more covenants and are given more knowledge. As we follow the Lord, he will be given more knowledge for our lives. We don't get it all at once because it would be too much and we would understand it at a young age, so we get it line upon line at the right time in our lives.
For Andrea, specifically, but everyone:
Today in companionship study, Sister Robinette talked about Alma 27 that she studied in personal study. Verse 16-18 reminded me of this summer. When I saw you at the airport, I was so excited. I still can't explain that feeling exactly. It was the greatest surprise that I have ever had and I felt so much joy that day. In this scripture, Ammon and Alma meet each other and it was a "joyful meeting"! That is what I felt this summer and it meant so much to me and the whole family that you came to visit. Thank you Andrea! I love you.! :) Sometimes I think about when I get home and how wonderful that will be. I am glad to be here, but I do miss you all and can't wait to see you soon. :)
Life is so good! I love you all so much and think of you often. I am so excited for your Peder and I will be thinking of you on November 19th. How blessed we are that there will be 6 out of 7 of the children through the temple already! That truly is amazing!
Love you all! Jesus Christ is the only way to be happy. The Church is true.
Love siempre,
Sister Schillemat
For Kirstin and Jimmy: Paz afuera and Que en el mundo?  :)
They are English Phrases translated into Spanish that I was taught by Hermana Christensen, one of the other sisters in our apartment... The first one is my favorite. ;)

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