Saturday, December 22, 2012

Miracles in the Doctor's Office

Let me tell you about the miracle of the doctors appt!
So, I went into the doctors at 10:30 for a 10:45 appt. I told them I was a new patient, so they gave me paper work. They asked for my insurance and I said I was just going to pay the $100 for the visit. Well, I started filling out the paper work and they called me up again. They asked what I was there for. I told them a prescription. Well, the doctor happened to be right there and she said, "I am not worth $100 for just a prescription." She asked what it was for and I explained the insurance thing. She said, well, I'll just fill it out. And that's what she did. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes and I didn't have to pay anything! It was a miracle! I talked to Sister VanVleet and she said she has never heard of that happening before! I knew Heavenly Father was answering prayers. :)
Things are going well! I hope that 3:00pm your time works for you on Christmas! I am excited to see and talk with you!
Love you lots Mama!
Sister Schillemat

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