Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hello Family from Sister Schillemat

Hello Family!
This past week was a good week, especially with General Conference at the end! Wow, what an amazing revelation for the Church. I am so excited for all the future missionaries. This is going to be a wonderful thing for the whole world. As he announced this on Saturday morning, I thought about how these are truly the last days and Heavenly Father needs many missionaries. Plus there will be more areas opening for the Church to continue to grow. I am especially excited for the Sisters and know that this will be a great blessing! Reflect on the age, I am grateful that I am here when I am. I know that I was supposed to come when I was 21 and am so very grateful for the experiences and opportunities that prepared me for this time in my life. I wouldn't trade it! But I am excited to see this great work move forward and more young men and young women join the "ranks" of missionary work.
Riverside is a happy place right now! It is cooling down and there are many more people outside for us to contact. We are really searching for those who are prepared and willing to hear our message and come unto Christ. We know that with God everything is possible and we must put our trust in Him. Matthew 19:26 and Mark 9:23. This is an urgent work and we have to take it seriously every day. I am so blessed to be a part of this wonderful work! There are many people prepared, and we need to find, teach, and baptize those people. :)
One of my miracles of this week is called: Gray-haired man. Since I have been in Riverside, I have seen this one man who walks in the mornings. We would often see him on Sunday mornings, since Church starts at 9:00am. Well, I would see him quite often, but we would be driving and on our way somewhere. Well over the past couple of weeks, everytime we would see him, I would tell Sister Gilmer that we need to talk to him. We tried once and we pulled over, but he walked past the street already... (Lame excuse...) Then we would see him and be in a hurry... (Another excuse...) Well, this Sunday we were leaving for General Conference and I really hoped we would see him walking. I told Sister Gilmer, no matter what, We are going to talk to the gray-haired man today. Well, right before we turned left on California Ave, we saw him walking! And after legally pulling a U-turn or two, we were able to be in a position to meet him! We explained who we are and although, he didn't accept any cards or pamphlets, I felt so good! I knew that it was set up by the Lord for us to talk to him. Had we left a minute or two later, he would have been past the intersection for California Ave, and we wouldn't have seen him. I know that when we have righteous desires, the Lord blesses us. Although, he didn't seem interested, it was planting the seed. :) I love this work!
Sorry for the long story, but I love how many miracles occur if we are just looking for them. We are doing the Lord's work and following the Spirit, there will be miracles all around us.
Well, Victor is still preparing for this Sunday and we are excited for his baptism! He has truly been prepared from the Lord, so we are excited for that day.
I just loved General Conference and was so excited to hear from our Living Prophet, President Monsons, and the First Presidency and 12 Apostles and other General Authorities. It was a wonderful weekend. I loved Elder Holland's talk: "Do you love me?" and President Uchtdorf's talk about having no regrets. Mom, you mentioned Elder Bednar's talk as well, which I loved about testimony and converson. It was all wonderful!
Well, the work is moving forward and I am excited for the miracles ahead! Mom, Dad, Andrea, Roland, Liam, and Landon, it sounds like you had a fun week! I would love to see pictures. :) Geoff, what do you think about the age changing for missionaries? 
I love you all and am so grateful to be a part of this work! This is a marvelour work! Jesus Christ lives and loves us. Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. "God is in the details of our lives." -President Thomas S. Monson. 
Love you all! 
Sister Schillemat 
We had a Sisters' Gathering yesterday. :) Most of the Sisters in the Riverside Mission
Sister Gilmer and I really enjoyed this doorbell. :) (I hope you can read it. :) )

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