Monday, March 19, 2012

Start of Transfer Five--Still in Highland!

Hello Family!

Transfer calls were Saturday night and I was glad to hear that I was
staying one more transfer here in Highland! Sister Birrell and I were
pretty sure that nothing was going to change, but we werent 100% sure.
I am a little nervous about leaving Sister Birrell, but all is well!
Another 6 weeks in Highland! (I remember a transfer ago I was thinking
I was leaving and I was totally okay with that, but this transfer call
I really didn't want to leave. :))

Last week was a week full of miracles. Lots of great people and
wonderful things happened!
First of all I want to tell a story that relates to Mom's comment
about being in the right place at the right time. We had a miracle
happen on Tuesday because we were at the right place at the right
We were trying to find a guy named Jason that supposedly moved into
our ward. After checking his apartment once and no one knew who he
was, we decided to check again. The same Spanish speaking lady came to
the door and said she didn't know him. We asked her (well we kind of
did...she couldn't really understand us) if she would like to learn
more and she gave us her number for the Spanish Sisters. After leaving
her door, we knocked on another door of a guy we met. No answer. (But
we left a Family Proclamation!) Then I said that we should go out of
the complex to the sidewalk just to see if anyone was there. We went
out and there wasn't many people, but there was an old man walking up
the sidewalk with a rolly bag. We started talking to him and found out
that he was heading to the casino to hand out pamphlets about how to
read the Bible correctly. (Interesting, huh?) Anyway, we talked to him
for a while about the Restoration and left him with a pamphlet. We
then asked him if we could pray with him. He agreed and prayed first
and then I did. As the prayer ended, a lady started walking up to us.
She seemed like she wanted to talk to us...She then said, "I was just
driving by and I saw you praying and the Spirit told me to pull over
and tell you girls that you are doing a good thing! God is watching
over you! I even double parked, so that I could tell you that." She
just came up and hugged SIster Birrell and the old man. It was amazing
to me! Because we knocked on two apartment doors, and then checked the
sidewalk, we had a lady stop and tell us that. We knew that we were at
the right place at the right time! It was truly a miracle! (And to add
to that: The Spanish sisters now are teaching that woman we talked to!
She is really open and now they have another investigator!)

Another highlight of the week happened on Saturday! We have been
working with this family the Campanas for a while. Most of them of are
active, but the oldest son Michael is not. Last week, we went over
almost every night to read scriptures with them. It was great! And
then we invited Michael to a baptism on Saturday. We weren't sure if
he would really come. It was in Redlands for a lady we had never met,
but we really wanted to get people there! So we told Michael about it
and called him Saturday morning. He said he would come. And then he
called back a couple minutes later and said that he might not make it
in time because he was at the Barber shop and the wait was a while. We
told him to pray and we'll pray that he gets out in time. So we text
him an hour later to see how the haircut is going and he texts us,
"The prays must have worked because I am done." It was perfect! So he
came to the baptism with his brother Edwin!And Edwin brought his
non-member girlfriend, Yvette, as well! And Michael dressed up in
church clothes! It was so amazing! And the baptism was wonderful!
There was a beautiful musical number and just an amazing Spirit that
was there.
Following the baptism, we had an appointment at the Campanas and it
was probably the most spiritually uplifting lessons we've had with
them. They were listening intently as we read from the scriptures and
testified of repentance and baptism. Following the lesson and a
kneeling prayer, we were giving our hugs and hand shakes goodbye and
Sister Campana said, "Thank you so much. Thank you so much for helping
our family. Don't go away." She began to cry and just hugged us. She
was just so grateful for us being there and it was a very special day.
I love that family so much and they are an example of faith. They have
a lot of challenges, but they are so uplifting. As we left that day,
Edwin just hugged his mom, and the Spirit was there.

I love this gospel! It blesses families soo much!

Well today my hand is a tad tired from typing, but this church is
true. It is such a joy in my life! I love you all so much and pray for
you often! Keep me in your prayers! I need them! :)

I love you much!
Sister Gretchen Schillemat

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