Monday, March 12, 2012

The End of the Second Transfer


Thank you for the packages and cookies! It was a treat to get to
packages on the same day! One from Mom and the boys and the other from
Andrea and the boys, so thank you!

This past week was an interesting one. As for miracles I will tell you
about how service bring miracles. We had a Zone meeting on Tuesday and
talked a lot about EARNING referrals. Service was one of the best ways
to earn referrals from members. So the following day we had an extra
20 minutes and went and washed some dishes at the Litterer's home.
Sister Litterer greatly appreciated it and told us that Sister
Bocanegra was having a stressful day dnad we should go by there. We
would have never thought to go to the Bocanegra if not for Sister
Litterer. So we had a little more time later on that day and we went
to their home. We asked her how we could serve her and she said they
were pretty good. After being persistant, she said that her aunt just
moved in down the road and she hadn't been able to visit her in a
couple of days, so she wanted us to go by. The aunt was a non-member!
So we visited her and have another appointment with her this upcoming
week! That was truly a miracle. If we didn't go to the Litterers, we
wouldnt have gone to the Bocanegras, and wouldn't have met Cathy,
SIster Bocanegra's aunt! The Lord works in miraculous ways!

Having two baptisms this week was another miracle and highlight. Nancy
had been having a lot of opposition this past week, so it was
beautiful to see her baptized. Then, Joseph had been waiting 5 months
or so for his baptism, so it was great. There were quite a few people
at Joseph's baptism. President Smart came and President Strong, the
Redlands Stake President. President Strong said that it was one of the
best baptisms he had been to in his life. He didn't want to leave
because of the beautiful Spirit that was there. It was really amazing.
Joseph also bore his testimony and that was really special to hear how
grateful he is for the church and how much he knows this is true. I
just loved it!

Guess who else was there?! SISTER ROBINETTE! She came from Utah for
the baptism and that was really special! I just loved seeing her and
it was great! She is one person that has impacted my mission and my
life. She is such an amazing person and I was so blessed to have her
as my trainer.

It was a little on the rough side other than the things I mentioned.
We had a lot of cancellations, but this upcoming week is going to be
great! We have amini-missionary with us, named Candice, and she is
absolutely wonderful! She had come out with us for a day last month
and loved it, so she asked President Smart if she could spent a week
of her spring break with us. It is going to be great! Sister Birrell
and I know that it is truly inspired that she is with us this week. :)

Scripture for the week: Doctrine and Covenants 50:24 "That which is of
God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God,
receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter
until the perfect day."
I read this scripture at Joseph's baptism because I think it pertains
especially to the Hold Ghost. Joseph received the light of the Holy
Ghost and has he is faithful and obedience or "cointinueth in God", he
will continue to receive more light and it will grow brighter and
brighter every day. His light will continue to increase and he will be
a light and example to those around him. That is the same with us. We
can continue to grow in light as we are obedient. How much easier it
is to go through the path of life when we have light than when we have
darkness. We will be able to see the rocks and boulders of opposition.
We will be able to climb over those rocks and be successful. But we
need to be obedient to have that light. And the light will grow
brighter and brighter! (This morning we read 2 Nephi 28:30 and that
related with line upon line...we'll receive more as we use what
Heavenly Father has given us.)

This week, let's LET OUR LIGHT SHINE! (I certainly need this too!)
We are so blessed!

I love this gospel and I know that we have been so blessed with teh
Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon brings power into our lives. I know
that as we hold it in our hands and read it, we will be uplifted and

I love missionary work! And I love you! Thank you all for your love
and support! I miss you, but guess what? My 6 month mark is this week!
Where'd the time do?!

Mom, Thank you for the cookies, pants, and my sweatpants! I was soo excited!
Dad, How are you doing? How's work and the High Priests Group?
Poul, How is work and life? Have you applied to BYU?
Geoff, How was the Prom? Mom told me you went! I want to see pictures!
Kirst, Thank you for the birthday card! It was so sweet! Give Lucy a
hug for me. :)
Andrea, Thank you for the package and the cookies and cards! I loved
Liam's stickers! :) Give the boys a hug for me too!
Jo, How is work? Are you getting my emails? It keeps saying failure delivery....
Peder, I LOVE THAT WE ARE SERVING TOGETHER! We had baptisms on the
same day too! I think that is really cool! I hope everything is going
well! Stay strong Pedro! Missionary work is great. :)

Love you all,
Sister Gretchen Schillemat

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