Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gretchen's Birthday Week--Ups and Downs, but Mostly Ups


We had a baptism this past week on Caitlyn's birthday, Feb 25th! It
was for Kaylyn, a wonderful woman, who has such a great heart. She
said after she was baptized that she felt different and then the next
day after she was confirmed she said she felt new! It was an amazing
baptism that went so well. There was such a beautiful spirit there. I
loved it!

This morning my zone also threw me a suprise birthday party! I had NO
CLUE! Sister Birrell and Hermana Christensen have been scheming all
week and I didn't know it! I can't believe that I never knew! There
were lots of clues that I thought of after the fact, but I had no clue
before hand! :) We also played Ultimate Frisbee for the zone activity,
so it was a great day! I have such an amazing companion! And Hermanas
that I live with! I am soo blessed! My zone was so great as well!
There were hats and balloons and lots of good stuff! It has been such
a great day soo far!

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ so much! I am learning so much on my
mission and I love the miracles that I am seeing every day! Sister
Birrell is a miracle to me as well! She is so wonderful to work with.
(She is also sooo much like Amber, it is not even funny!) Missionary
work is hard, but I love it. It feels so much more natural now than it
used to. At the beginning of my mission, I would wake up in the
morning and think, "oh yeah, I'm a missionary. I forgot." But now it
would be very different to wake up and not get ready and put on a
nametag. I am really coming to love it more than I used to. I think I
have always loved working with so many wonderful people, but I really
love the life as a missionary now. It is so different from anything
else I have ever done, but I just love it! And 5 and a half months
have already gone by. This morning I woke up and for some reason was
thinking about the MTC and how long ago that seems...But yet I don't
feel like I have been out for 5 months. Sorry, I think I am just
rambling, but I love being a missionary!

Thank you all for your miracles! I know that they happen all the time,
if we are just looking for them. This week we ended up meeting some
people because an appt fell through! That is a miracle! (I think I
already told you that one...) Kaylyn getting baptized was a miracle!
When I wake up smiling and happy, that is a miracle!

So Sister Birrell truly is amazing! We just start laughing at random
things and that is what makes it the best. Yesterday we had a VERY
rough day with investigators at church. We had 0... I think that was
the first week I ever had no investigators at church. But we still got
a good laugh at it though when we remember that we had set a goal of
10 investigators at sacrament meeting. :) There were a lot of people
that we knew should be at church, so we were reaching high! But we
certainly laughed hard yesterday when we realized that we had 0 and
our goal had been so high. Such is life though!

I realized this past week that Satan really does try to attack us
right after we have a really good experience. It was right after
Kaylyn's baptism, which had been amazing, that I just got really tired
and grumpy! I felt myself getting frustrated with myself and just
being in a bad mood. It dawned on my the lesson that I needed to
learn. Satan really does attack after we have had a spiritually
uplifting experience. He wants you to get frustrated and disappointed.
But there isno point to that! We need to just try our best and do
all we can. And Heavenly Father will bless us sooo much!

Sorry for the really rambled email! It was all over the place! But I
love you so much and appreciate all the birthday wishes! Love you! The
Church is true. :)

Sister Gretchen Schillemat

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